Griz-O (Feature)

Hailing from my home town of Gloucester (often referred to locally as G-Gity) Griz-O is an artist who has been on a solo grind for several years now. Having completed his third mixtape/street album UnderGRIZound towards the end of last year, this month he has received much online attention via “#TargetsNoticeBoard” an online networking project initiated by DJ Target (BBC Radio 1Xtra/Roll Deep.) Target’s Noticeboard encourages up & coming artists/producers to reach out to each other – via the hashtag facility on social networking site Twitter.

Griz-O was selected out of a number of artists who have been taking advantage of Target’s Noticeboard, to perform live at BBC radio’s Maida Vale studio in London, in a special one-off feature called Singers Vs Rappers earlier this month!

You can catch Griz-O performing at I Luv Live in Bristol tonight, full details here!

Listen to his last two mixtapes, Jupiter Files and UnderGRIZound, in full on his soundcloud page here!


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