Grandmaster Flash

This man changed my life…

I didn’t know it when I first heard the music I grew up with, but Flash developed a new style of playing music, with turntables, that not only gave birth to Hip Hop music but has also gone on to influence every new genre of music since.

Inventing his ‘Quick mix Theory’ and innovating the tools that would make that theory possible, from developing the ‘Slipmat’ (which allowed the free movement of records on a turntable) and the monitoring system on an audio mixer, which he named the ‘peek-a-boo’ system (allowing him to hear the next record in the headphones.)

His new scientific theory, enabled Flash to work out how to manually loop a sample (on a record) and repeat it to make a new full length track. This has become the basis for all sample based music from Hip Hop onwards…

Read more about the history of the DJ here.

Find out more about Grandmaster Flash on his official website here.

Flash gives a deeper demonstration of his original groundbreaking DJ theories…


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