DJ Game Changer! (DJ Tech: TRX Thud Rumble UK Review)

DJ Tech stand

This weekend I was invited down to the Dynamic Distribution stand at BPM (NEC) to help showcase a brand new scratch mixer to the UK market, so new in fact, that the 4 models on display – had only been shipped in from the States on Thursday!

The DJ Tech TRX Thud Rumble mixer is something that has been developed by a relatively new company based in Hong Kong, DJ Tech, in conjunction with DJ Q-Bert‘s Thud Rumble company. The stand-out feature on this well thought out product, are the three mini innoFADERS in place for the cross fader and input faders. Other notable features include dual inputs for standard turntable phono input as well as inputs for Digital Vinyl Systems, with a switch, to allow for ease of change over. Also there is an abundance of faders on the mixer to allow for ease of operation (reminiscent of the classic Vestax 07 Pro design!)

This mixer will be available late October with a UK RRP of under £300.

In my opinion this mixer will be a game changer, especially when compared to the inflated prices of many of the current leaders in the scratch mixer market.

I remember seeing the original Rane scratch mixers, when they first entered the UK for review by Big Daddy Magazine back in 1998. This was when Vestax was still king. I can see DJ Tech having a similar impact on the market!

Thank you to Dynamic Distribution, DJ John Mustoe & DJ Tech!

Full DJ Tech TRX Thud Rumble technical specification.

Here’s DJ Q-Bert demonstrating the limited edition chrome model:

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